Series: Our local heroes - #1 Nessie and happiness

Serie: Unsere Lokalhelden - #1 Nessie und das Glück | Airpaq UG

"Follow your heart" - what sounds like a hackneyed motivational fridge sticker to some is reality to others. Why do some people manage to do the impossible and others not?

We introduce people who inspire us in every way: who have made their dream their profession and followed their heart. Just like we did back then with Airpaq, when it was time to go from the lecture hall to self-employment.

Nessie and happiness - A plea for more courage.

Nessie in full chimney sweep outfit on a roof
Vanessa, better known as "Nessie", is such a person. Because Nessie knew even as a child that she liked to give away happiness in the world, and so today Nessie holds her own as a woman in a classic male domain. She prefers to take an unusual path and enjoys her work rather than doing something she is not comfortable with. Nessie is a chimney sweep and thus literally brings luck into the house. This wisdom has endured since the Middle Ages, when houses were still made of clay, straw and even cow dung and were still heated by the chimney. There were no chimneys yet and when the sparks flew, whole towns burned down. With the chimney then also came the chimney sweep, this brought the necessary precaution and thus also the luck into the house. Today, Nessie has been a chimney sweep for 11 years and has turned her childhood dream into a profession. Her dream job.


Already in school, Nessie had consolidated the dream of becoming a chimney sweep. Following her intuition, she began her first internship. When she took a look at the internship during school, it quickly became clear: "Only men become chimney sweeps? What was a girl doing there? Fortunately, there was only headwind from her classmates. "You as a girl in such a job, that doesn't work out anyway...". And the more headwinds came, the clearer it became to Nessie that "Yes, I want to do that! Because the manual activities in the fresh air, plus the knowledge of physical laws combined with modern nature conservation and energy supply, are exactly Vanessa's themes. She is completely absorbed in this activity and decides to continue. Another internship followed. During the third internship as a young woman, the next interjection came, and this from another female colleague of all people: "Either you remain a petite girl in a summer dress or you get a strong back through the profession and become more masculine." Phew, that's an announcement for femininity! Vanessa advises today to make decisions not only with the head, but also with the heart and the stomach.

Just try it 

What to do when the heart says 'yes' but the mind doubts? Nessie had decided, "I'll just try it." And in her own way.
"Uncertainties are normal and also perfectly fine. The important thing is to accept and overcome the challenges that arise in life. In internships, you can gain an insight into the everyday life of a company and a professional group relatively quickly," the young master craftswoman reports from her everyday life. The important thing is to trust that you've made the right decision, and a dose of passion is also allowed. We know that, too: This provides motivation and at the same time makes it much easier to convince other people of what you are doing.

Nessie als Model für das Unterwäsche Label 'Lascana'

Nessie has neither pretended nor conformed, but has gone her way authentically. And with great success. She successfully bridges the gap between her own femininity and the classic male profession. Every now and then she graces a month in the "female chimney sweep calendar" and that in professional clothing, but in the meantime she has even become the campaign face of the Otto underwear brand 'Lascana' and also for us, at Airpaq, we were allowed to use her for our new „Only Snow White“ photograph Capsule Collection.

Vanessa has learned for herself to no longer be afraid of failure or what others consider 'the norm'. Also on Instagram she deals with gender roles and their meaning, speaks especially to women to have the courage to prove themselves and stay true to themselves, and consistently advocates for equal treatment in the profession. And at the same time, she advertises her dream job.

Dust off luck

Besides the common opinion that crafts would not be worthwhile, Nessie is happy with her life and also passes on a lot of her luck. Dusting off luck succeeds, for example, by turning the buttons on the jacket or touching the chimney sweep directly on the shoulder. For the kids there's also like a black nose. So at the turn of the year, Nessie regularly stands with her colleagues on the Heumarkt in Cologne and welcomes the new year with her message of good luck.

Fortunately there's the chimney sweep

Nessie bei der Arbeit

A social mission is also involved, because for Nessie the best part of the job is the contact with people. At the same time, it can also be the most challenging. As we all know, it can be easier to share your suffering with strangers. Sometimes even easier than with people you know. The visit of the chimney sweep master then quickly turns into a chat. She listens, they laugh together, but she also encourages them or listens to the problems of her customers. And sometimes there's even a treat or two in the bargain. Because there's one thing Nessie is in any case: a sweet tooth. And apparently word gets around, because the one or other breakfast table is then also set for Nessie. "That's what makes my job for me - the wonderful and warm contact with people." Because enjoyment of the work is the most important factor for Nessie, after all, you work quite a long time in life. And doing it just for the money wouldn't be worth the investment. Because money can never replace time.

The Path to the Dream Job isn't always straightforward 

Schornsteinfegerin Nessie bei der Arbeit

If you have already found your dream job, then you can consider yourself really lucky. After all, we spend a very long time in our lives with our job. Most people don't feel the same way we do about Airpaq or Nessie. But the good thing is, nothing is forever. For example, Martin, our communications professional at Airpaq, also did something completely different as a "banker" for many years.

In his Artikel

in the magazine of the sustainable job platform GoodJobs he deals with the search for meaning: his own and those who want to find an alternative there.

Nessie has found her dream job as a chimney sweep in the trades. There's even another 130 alternatives: 130 weitere Alternativen.

and who would doubt even today that craft makes sense?

 Schornsteinfegerin Nessie in Köln Ehrenfeld mit der weißen Gürteltasche 'Hip Baq' von Airpaq

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