Solidarity: Three Cologne-based companies join forces for the sake of sustainability

Solidarität: Drei Kölner Unternehmen machen im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit gemeinsame Sache | Airpaq UG

The Corona pandemic, which has been going on for more than a year, is having a severe economic impact on companies and associations of all kinds. Startups, smaller companies and associations are particularly affected by the temporary lockdown. Under the motto "We stick together!" the three Cologne companies 'Airpaq', 'Ernst Kaffeeröster' and 'Colonia Kids' have therefore come together to support each other. So one weekend, beans roasted by 'Ernst Kaffeeröster' were delivered in backpacks from 'Airpaq' by the cycling team 'Colonia Kids'. In this blog post we would like to tell you how this cooperation came about and how it is possible to stay optimistic despite difficult times and to look for creative solutions together.

Ein in Fahrradklamotten gekleideter Mann von hinten mit einem Rucksack auf dem Rücken.

 A cyclist from 'Colonia Kids' with one of the embroidered 'Airpaq' backpacks (©Felix Homann)

The racing team 'Team Colonia Kids' of the Scuderia Südstadt

The young cycling team 'Colonia Kids' is not only the most successful of our hometown Cologne, but even belongs to the five best in Germany. Cologne residents may also know them through their club 'Scuderia Südstadt', whose racing team they form. The 'Colonia Kids' mainly race locally in and around Cologne, for which they train up to 20 hours a week. Here, too, there have been some changes in the last few months due to Corona: for example, in the first half of 2020 there were no bike races at all, and in the second half of the year there were only races with a greatly reduced number of participants. In addition, all members are currently training individually instead of as a team, which of course affects the team spirit.

In addition to the love of sports, the racing bike philosophy also includes a love of good coffee, because people like to enjoy a high-quality coffee or espresso during their training breaks. The team 'Colonia Kids' therefore came up with the idea to support their favorite coffee roastery 'Ernst Kaffeeröster' from Cologne's Südstadt in the Corona crisis. They wanted to deliver the coffee for the roastery and do it with the fair and sustainable produced backpacks from 'Airpaq'.

Männer in Fahrradklamotten und Masken im Gesicht packen Rucksäcke.

Two cyclists from 'Colonia Kids' pack the beans in the backpacks (©Felix Homann)

"There is so much to taste" - Fascination coffee roasting at 'Ernst Kaffeeröster'

The Ernst coffee roasting company has already had its permanent place in Cologne's Südstadt since 2014. The company spirit is about achieving a special appreciation for coffee. "We are fascinated by coffee and want to share this fascination with the best quality, transparency and appreciation," they write on their website. They sell only high quality specialty coffee from 84 points. This means that the coffee has been evaluated against various criteria of the 'Specialty Coffee Association' and has been able to achieve a high score. 'Ernst Kaffeeröster' also pays attention to transparency: So you can read on the roastery's packaging exactly from which country, which region and from which farm the coffee comes and how it was processed. There are long-term partnerships with local coffee farmers to ensure fair wages and sufficient support for them.


Zwei Rennradfahrer fahren auf Rennrädern um die Ecke einer Altbau-Straße.

 Two members of 'Colonia Kids' drive through the southern part of the city  (©Felix Homann) 

The 'Airpaq BIQ' as the perfect cargo backpack for cycling

Although the roastery will remain open as a grocery store during the lockdown, the coffee bar will remain closed until further notice. To ensure that the freshly ground beans reach customers who can't make it to the roastery in an environmentally friendly way, the guys from 'Colonia Kids' are now delivering them to their doorstep by bike. What better transport container than the sustainable upcycled backpacks from 'Airpaq' in Ehrenfeld. With the main material airbag, the seat straps as carriers, the roll top for easy stowage of large bean packs and the additional holding straps at chest and hip level, the backpack 'Airpaq BIQ' is the ideal load backpack. It is durable, has plenty of storage space and does not interfere with cycling. In line with the philosophy of the 'Ernst Kaffeerösterei', 'Airpaq' also makes sure that the products are manufactured as environmentally friendly and fair as possible and that waste is avoided. For some time now, 'Airpaq' has offered the option of having backpacks and accessories customized before purchase, i.e. having the products printed or embroidered with a personal logo or slogan. So for the delivery of the coffee of 'Ernst Kaffeeröster' eight black models of the 'Airpaq BIQ' were embroidered with the team logo of the 'Colonia Kids', an additional model was raffled in our raffle. 

Zwei Fahrradfahrer gucken zusammen auf ein Handy.

Two athletes from 'Colonia Kids (©Felix Homann)

Our sustainable supply action: solidarity during the Corona crisis

From 13 to 19 February, you could order your favorite coffee on the website of 'Ernst Kaffeeröster', which was then delivered to your home by bike on the following Sunday, 21 February. All completely emission-free! After all, cycling is the epitome of sustainable mobility. We are already looking forward to your reactions and feedback! We hope that we will soon be able to expand and use this CO2-neutral delivery concept even further. The environment will thank us! It is important to us to set a strong sign for solidarity during the Corona pandemic and to stick to our community spirit. In line with our tried and tested motto "We stick together!", we have always tried to maintain a positive attitude and develop creative and innovative approaches to solutions over the past few months. After all, that's what the three of us stand for!

Ein Fahrradfahrer mit Helm und einem schwarzen Rucksack auf dem Rücken.

The logo of 'Colonia Kids' embroidered on the 'Airpaq BIQ  (©Felix Homann)


Airpaqs Fazit

Overall, we are satisfied with the response of our action and hope that in the future more cooperations with the 'Colonia Kids' and 'Ernst Kaffeeröster' will follow. Besides the successful sale of the coffee beans, the promotion of our backpacks and the somewhat different training for the 'Colonia Kids', we also wanted to encourage with this action. Encourage to still be creative and look for solutions during this difficult pandemic. You have to make the best of the current situation, there will be better times again. And perhaps there will soon be similarly creative collaborations? We are looking forward to it!


Authors : Marie Kalle & Maya Kraatz

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