Why our new Collection is a Climate Statement

Warum unsere neue Kollektion ein Klima-Statement ist | Airpaq UG

    In this blog post you will learn how a wistful look back to snowy childhood days inspired us to our new, snow-white collection, the "only white snow" Capsule Collection and which sign we want to set on the topic of climate change with it. .

    Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen


    Do you remember playing in the snow as a child in winter? Maybe the first snowflakes fell in November, when the first sub-zero temperatures arrived. And mom took the winter jacket out of the closet. Then came the first real snow. Sleds out and off we went outside! The snowman wasn't the next 'coke dealer' on the block, but the funny guy who usually consisted of three big, heavy balls of snow and smiled woodenly at you with his two pieces of coal as eyes, a carrot as a nose and a top hat on his head.

    The winter time machine

    With good luck, we enjoyed the snowman for a few weeks until the first rays of spring melted his smile. Today, real snow fans are happy if it snows at all - or even stays for a day or two. If you have such memories, you belong to the generations that have already been experiencing the climate changes creeping in over many years. Somehow, you do get used to it. But is that really a positive change? That's probably something everyone has to answer for themselves. The facts about climate change, on the other hand, are clear.

    Winter Facts

    Over 99% of global scientists agree on the causes and warn urgently of the consequences: anthropogenic, i.e. man-made, climate change. It manifests itself in accelerating glacier melt, rising sea levels, increasing extreme weather conditions and many other phenomena. At the same time, however, a tough, worldwide lobby of "climate change deniers" persists, some of whom also cite the remaining parts of the scientific community. We have opted for the clear facts and consider climate change as the central and causal problem of the future. We have been convinced by the facts on climate change, e.g. on klimafakten.de. An example on the topic of "winter pleasures": In Switzerland, the winter season starts 12 days later and ends 26 days earlier than in 1970 - an increasing disaster for snow and winter sports fans. By the way, you can find more information on this topic in our blog " Sustainability and skiing - does that go together?". Nachhaltigkeit und Skifahren – passt das zusammen?

    Schneelandschaft im Tal

    Winterfeeling without snow!?

    For the most part, snow in Germany can only be found near the Alps. Winter sports on skis and snowboards are nevertheless very popular. And so the vacation regions near the Alps are constantly inventing new ways to guarantee snow. From the point of view of "sustainability", this is a controversial topic. However, one thing is certain for winter sports fans: without snow, there is no true winter pleasure. And we too are fans of the cold season, snow lovers and winter sports enthusiasts. And our new white collection puts us in the mood for a bit of winter.

    At Airpaq, our backpacks and accessories have always been colorful accents on the backs of their wearers. For the first time, our "only white snow" Capsule Collection is a line that works with the untreated Airbag fabric in the original and creates snow-white bright accents in the gloomy winter everyday life.

    Upcycling von Airpaq im originalen Airbag WeißNessiechen mit dem weißen Airpaq Baq

    Klares Klima-Statement auf dem Rücken

     The snow-white outer fabric adds wintry accents that may even remind you of earlier snowy delights in snowless climes. In our familiar manner, the clearly recognizable car strap buckle makes for a clear statement: "Yes, I'm wearing a backpack that used to be 'a car'." Or "Yes, I'm wearing upcycling!".Airpaq in white And that's exactly how it's meant to be.

    We want products that clearly show what they stand for. For us, it's the clearest symbol of our upcycling philosophy. We use it to offer alternatives to conventionally manufactured products that score points for their low carbon footprint. And at the same time consume the lowest possible level of resources. By combining snow-white, untreated original airbag fabric and scrapped seatbelt buckle, we make a clear climate statement that every wearer openly flaunts.

    Upcycling with a good CO2 Balance

    In 2017, we made a conscious decision to produce in the EU. One of the reasons was the devastating CO2 footprint that would result from transport from other parts of the world such as Asia or South America alone. In addition, working conditions there are not easily manageable for a small startup like us. And tailor shops and their staff have not been part of the industrial infrastructure and labor market in Germany for decades. 
    That is why all Airpaq backpacks, bags and Hip Baqs are produced in Romania under EU standards. We are there regularly and over longer periods of time and in direct contact with all those involved in the production facilities. So we know exactly who is working there, how and under what conditions. Currently, more than thirty seamstresses are working in the tailoring department for Airpaq - all under fair conditions. You can find out who makes the products in the blog post: "Who made my bag!?" which we expect to present at the beginning of March. 

    Incidentally, this is why the overall carbon footprint of Airpaq products is particularly favorable:

    - Through production in the EU instead of Asia

    - The raw material, the discarded airbag fabrics, come as rejects from a production facility in the immediate vicinity of the tailor shop.

    - Overall, the vast majority of the starting materials are already produced as upcycled material (outer fabrics, belts, belt buckles).

    White is also "colorful" and a Real Novelties

    Airpaq produziert unter fairen Arbeitsbedingungen in der EU

    Of course, our winter white collection will also be available in the coming spring and summer. If you like to wear white, you should get it! And so the "only white snow" collection will be a part of the Airpaq range as our pure upcycling collection. Of course we always like to invent and create new products and there will certainly be more colors in the future. But we don't think much of the collection machinery that is common in the fashion industry and is based on provoking and fulfilling ever new consumer desires. We prefer to work on the products that we have been offering up to now and always make them a little bit better. And we invent new ones, made of our favorite material. By the way, our tailors in Romania do that all by themselves. We can look forward to what the year 2020 will bring.

    If "snow-white" is your Airpaq color, feel free to check out the store here .

    Here you can find more information about the production of our products 

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