Airpaq erstellt Dir aus Sitzgurten, Gurtschlössern und Airbags einen einzigartigen Rucksack aus dem Auto! Ist das nicht abgefahren?

– Jessica Car Maniac


A real eye-catcher

Attention! This backpack will be a conversation opener for sure!

Water- and rainproof

The airbag textile is waterproof and rainproof from the outside

Laptop compartment for up to 15"

The padded and secure interior fits 15" laptops or tablets.

Auswahl aus bis zu 7 Farben

Choose from black, white, red, yellow, blue, green or gray.

Seitliches Flaschenfach

Das seitliche Flaschenfach fasst Platz für eine 1 Ltr. Wasserflasche

Allrounder Rucksack für Deinen Alltag

Whether for school, university, sports or hand luggage for travel. Your roll-top backpack is ideal for any activity.

"Cars have fascinated me for as long as I can remember and the Airpaq just fits that passion perfectly!"

@JESSI CAR MANIAC is convinced of the sustainable brand Airpaq. Her green fanny pack and gray roll-top backpack will accompany her on every new test drive from now on.


159€ (Incl. shipping and return shipping)

Our mission

Our mission

As a young Cologne-based startup, we are driving a change towards a creative and thoughtful use of our planet's precious and scarce resources.

Our resources

Your product is made from recycled car scrap. More precisely, from airbags, seat belts and seat belt buckles. We find seat belts and seat belt buckles in scrap yards. And the airbag materials we receive as rejects from a large manufacturer of automotive safety systems.

Our production

Our goal is to make sure there are only winners at Airpaq. You should get a product that lasts forever and makes you happy for a long time. Our production team should be treated fairly and be able to make a good living from their work. So that in the end our planet wins the grand prize.