Our backpacks

With or without roll top, large or small. With our waterproof travel companions you are well prepared for any adventure!

Small bags

Compact and waterproof. With these practical sustainable bags made from upcycled airbags you are stylish on your journey.


Discover the probably best conversation starter, for your next wedding. The best part? You can wear it around your neck!


Unser Kölner Startup

As a young Cologne-based startup, we are driving a change towards a creative and thoughtful use of our planet's precious and scarce resources. Become part of this change and set a sign with your Airpaq that inspires others around you.

– Adrian & Michael
Gründer von Airpaq

Our mission

Unser Symbol für Nachhaltigkeit

Our product, the backpack rolltop, is our symbol for the sustainable use of our resources. An upcycled backpack rolltop is made from safety belt, belt buckle and airbag fabric under fair EU working conditions.

Our resources