Your unique backpack is created from airbag fabric, buckle and seat belts.

Upcycling means appreciation for our planet.

As a young startup, we are driving a change towards a creative and thoughtful use of the precious and scarce resources of our planet. Become part of this change and set a sign with your Airpaq product that inspires others around you

The journey continues on your back!

How we make in only 4. steps your upcycling backpack from trash.

The shipping was very fast. The backpack is just great, from the color to the materials to the storage space. For school, it fits all folders and books as well as laptop, small stuff and even a water bottle. I am very satisfied!

Everything flawless. Backpack looks sturdy and high quality. Idea to continue to use airbags and belts in this way I find great. Good luck and more such creative, courageous company founders!

Suuuch a cool backpack!
Upgecycled materials, thoughtful styling, excellent workmanship, very nice look-and-feel. Such a modern product design. Thanks, guys!

Very stylish. Distribution super well thought out. Clear recommendation. And in addition something done for sustainability.

Our sustainability concepts

Our sustainable upcycled backpacks and accessories made from car scrap are handmade under fair and social working conditions according to EU standards.

Our production

The automotive industry is huge and accordingly there are many materials that we can recycle. Direct processing of this car scrap saves resources and reduces waste.

Our resources

Our journal

Here you can expect contributions around the topics of upcycling and sustainability.