Our Mission

Airpaq is a Cologne-based startup that makes sustainable backpacks from upcycled car scrap.

As a young startup, we are driving a change towards a creative and thoughtful use of our planet's precious and scarce resources.

The challenge

Every year in Germany alone ~ 500 thousand tons of car scrap become waste.¹ Among them are very high-quality unused resources, which find no further use in the automotive industry or were declared as rejects.

¹Quelle: Umweltbundesamt.de

Our solution

In our view, a product is only sustainable if it is made of resource-saving materials, has been produced fairly and socially and is durable.

We combine sustainable upcycled material with aesthetic design and meaningful functions. In doing so, we use the precious resources that already exist on our planet and thus reduce waste. We have our products produced in the EU under fair and sustainable working conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision goes beyond making backpacks and accessories. We want our startup to have a positive impact on our environment and fellow human beings.

With our mission, we want to convey the idea that Scrap is not equal to scrap. According to the motto: Lifesavers that carry more than Responsibility!

We believe that by implementing our vision, we can help to make people rethink and thus change their consumer behavior a bit.

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