5 reasons why upcycling products are pretty cool.

We tell you 5 reasons why upcycling products from Airpaq are pretty cool!

Don't worry, this text will only take 3 minutes of your time☺️ - Adrian & Michael (Founder of Airpaq)

1. Made in EU

All Airpaq products are manufactured fairly and sustainably in production facilities with regularly audited social standards in a family business in Romania.

By manufacturing in the EU, not only are safety standards and living wages guaranteed, but also short delivery routes and a low ecological footprint.

2. Sustainable resources

All products consists of recycled car scrap. More specifically, from airbags, seat belts and seat belt buckles. We find seat belts and seat belt buckles in scrap yards. And we receive the airbag materials as rejects from a large manufacturer of automotive safety systems. Direct processing of this "scrap" saves resources and reduces waste.

3. Transparent prices

Such a junk! You think sustainable products are outrageously expensive? Wrong thought! We want you to understand our set prices for our sustainable products independently and also want you to understand how the cost of these sustainable products are composed.

4. Design meets sustainability

We combine sustainable upcycled material with aesthetic design and meaningful functions.

In our view, a product is only sustainable if it is made of resource-conserving materials, has been produced fairly and socially and is long-lasting.

5. Our vision

Our vision goes beyond making backpacks and accessories. We want our startup to have a positive impact on our environment and fellow human beings.

With our mission and vision, we want to convey the idea that Scrap does not equal scrap. According to the motto: Lifesavers that carry more than Responsibility!